Corporate Desk Good News for Electric Car Drivers

The Nottingham Belfry Hotel which is situated one mile from the M1 claims to be one of the first hotels in the UK to provide an electric car charging station.

Owners of Tesla electric cars can charge their vehicles at the Nottingham Belfry for between one to three hours. The Hotel’s ‘Electric Car package’ gives owners use of a hotel room for up to four hours, light refreshments and free internet access while their car is charging.

The Hotel was recently awarded a silver accreditation within the Green Tourism Business Scheme and the General Manager confirms his team is passionate about saving energy and helping to make their operations as environmentally friendly as possible. They already have one owner who regularly drives between London and Scotland, who has called in to use the facilities and they hope to encourage more.

Following this success, the Ashford International Hotel in Kent are also set to install a Tesla car charging station later this month.

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