Corporate Desk Face to Face meetings versus Technology

Over the last few years technology has done an amazing job in transforming the way we communicate. We are all converting to Facebook, Linkdin and Twitter to keep in touch? Technology is making our business lives easier but is it helping us to do more business?

There has been lots of research over the last 10 years into face to face meetings versus e-communication and during the recession a lot of companies were forced to use video conferencing and telepresencing, but can any of this technology replace eye to eye contact and the firm handshake?

Face to Face meetings allow us to develop trust and transparency which is not so easy or successful with e-communication. They allow us to observe non verbal behaviour and spot and react to the nuances associated with hand gestures, the voice and facial expressions that cannot be captured in an email. Face to face meetings are in real time and not dependant on delay or technological problems; they also allow us social creatures, human contact, the importance of which cannot be underestimated.
E commerce is ideal and cost effective for internal meetings or external meetings when the relationship is established but when needing to sign deals, negotiate price, forge partnerships or persuade parties, face to face meetings cannot be replaced.

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