Corporate Desk Face to Face meetings versus Technology

Face to Face Meetings Versus Technology

Over the last few years technology has done an amazing job in transforming the way we communicate. We are all converting to Facebook, Linkdin and Twitter to keep in touch? Technology is making our business lives easier but is it helping us to do more business?
Corporate Desk New Unusual Venues in Scotland

New Unusual Venues in Scotland

The new £74m Riverside Museum in Glasgow which opened on the 21st June has been constructed beside the River Clyde and will be home to Glasgow’s transport collection and impressive new exhibits.
Corporate Desk Good News for Electric Car Drivers

Good News for Electric Car Drivers!

The Nottingham Belfry Hotel, situated one mile from the M1 claims to be one of the first hotels in the UK to provide an electric car charging station. Owners of Tesla electric cars can charge their vehicles at the Nottingham Belfry for between one to three hours. The Hotel’s ‘Electric Car package’ gives owners use of a hotel room for up to four hours, light refreshments and free internet access while their car is charging.
Corporate Desk Impact of the London Olympics 2012

Impact of the London Olympics 2012

With just over 12 months to go to the start of the 2012 London Olympics (27 July - 12 August 2012) venues have noticed an increase in advance bookings as companies that arrange annual conferences are booking their first choice venues now and avoiding the period of the games. Companies expect that large numbers of employees will want take time off work during the Games.